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Slo Pain

Tue, May 2, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


St. Louis, MO

$15.00 - $18.00

This event is all ages

Dusty liquor stores, backyard low-riders, and an overwhelming ‘underdog’ spirit. That’s Fresno, California. And Fresno was the breeding ground for Anilyst. It’s where he found his voice, honed his craft, and laid his foundation.

From the tender age of 2, when his family relocated there from Los Angeles, not a minute has passed that a rhyme, verse or beat hasn’t pumped through his every capillary from his lungs to his frontal cortex.

Hip-Hop wasn’t just in his blood, it was his blood.

After spending his high school years cultivating an undefeated rap battle record, he found himself taking top prize in a Rap event sponsored by Hip-Hop mega-superstar ‘The Game.’ Soon after, he was expelled out of the school district for engaging in numerous confrontations initiated by envious competitors. That’s when Anilyst knew it was time to leave the nonsense behind and take things up a notch. He put battling in the background and building a fan-base and creating music, in the foreground.

And his efforts have paid off.

The following years were spent with intense immersive dedication and mindful meditation to studying the art of Rap, breaking it down into a science of endless formula and puzzles, one he was intent on perfecting. This very period gave birth to his unique style, something he cleverly dubbed “Syllable Sliding.”

Since 2013, he’s self-produced and self-released 3 full-length albums dedicated to the style of ‘Syllable Sliding,’ and he’s done it all while managing to amass over 13 million YouTube views, 6 million Facebook views, and over 1 million SoundCloud plays.

Anilyst’s fan base has been a rabid and steadily growing one, and he’s literally built it all through his ingenious use of street campaigning, social media, and, most importantly, unwavering raw talent.

In 2013, Anilyst decided it was time to take his career to the next level and packed up and moved to back to his birth town, Los Angeles, where he currently resides. He has since found himself in front of packed houses at venues ranging from Oakland’s Oracle Arena to The Roxy Theater in Denver, Colorado, and he’s performed with acts like YG, E40, Fabolous, and many more. All this in addition to gracing the pages of XXL Magazine & seeing the fruits of his labor propel his most recent album, “Syllable Sliding III” into the Top 50 Charts on iTunes.

Despite all this success, he’s not ready to rest, and is close to releasing his much anticipated new full-length album, “LYSTening,” in 2016.

So, if you didn’t know before, turn your speakers up and have yourself a LYSTen.
Slo Pain
Slo Pain
Troll, also known as SLO PAIN, started rapping in a jail cell in 2002.
With nothing to do but read books or write songs he developed a taste of rhymes similar to what he listened to while growing up. Troll thrives on music! Some of his most inspiring artists are Ice Cube, ICP, Tech n9ne, twisted, Sugar Free and even old school Easy E, 2pac and Brotha Lynch. When he got out of jail he went straight to a halfway house. While in the halfway house he would go to school and use the computers to look up other local rappers on Myspace and found the scene that best suits his genre. The Horror Core scene in Denver has a lot of underground talent and a huge fan base, but it was hard for Troll to adapt with such a large amount of underground rappers. Fans wouldn't listen to just anybody. That's when he started changing his style so he could gain a fan base and start making his name and record label (Slo Pain Reckordz) more known in the state of Colorado.

Troll calls his style of music Dark rap or murder music.
Dark rap is a compilation of several different styles of rap, such as Horror Core, Hip Hop, Gangster Rap and even Club rap. After a year and a half of promoting his name and his style of music he gained a fan base. As his fan base grew he booked more and more openings for shows. Troll has opened for many artists, such as Esham, Any Body Killa, Black Pegasus, Liquid Assassin Scum and more. He has also played at the Gathering Of Juggalo's 2008. Troll is known for his very hype and energetic stage performance and for the ability to get the crowd motivated to the point where the venue shacks and walls crack. He is also known to open and close the show all in one set due to draining the energy from his fans.

Troll now has 2 other artists on his record label, several different lines of merchandise, one CD produced and another CD about to drop in mid 2009 titled "HIGHWAY EIGHTY SICKS"! The new CD HIGHWAY EIGHTY SICKS is going to blow the doors off the hinges and knock any other CD off the shelf with its new flavor and fresh collabs with Colorado's sickest and biggest names in the game. Troll is currently seeking out-of-state shows that will get him promotions and more Colorado opening slots with bigger named artists. For more info on Troll or Slo Pain Reckordz please visit the myspace links listed below. For booking info please email us at:
Venue Information:
3108 Locust St.
St. Louis, MO, 63103