Biters, Frankie and The Studs

Venue: Backstage Productions presents:


Frankie and The Studs

Nick Bifano And The Innocents, Scuzz

Sun, May 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


St. Louis, MO


This event is all ages

From The Heart Attacks to Poison Arrows to Biters, the long road of rock n' roll glory for singer/guitarist Tuk has been littered with trashy riffs, drug problems, and dead ends. The usual suicide story that sticks to every tight-pant Thunders junkie like a safety pin on a worn out leather jacket lands a lot closer to sad than success, but if the stigma doesn't kill ya, it can only make you stronger, right? Probably, which is why Tuk hopes his latest bubblegum machine, Biters, will break through the bastard cliches and avoid the inevitable burst that comes when you sink your teeth into the cheap, sticky solution of reckless days and wasted nights. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but for now our springboard is this self-titled EP, and goddamn it if it's not screamin' at me like a gaggle of teenage groupies. With the five deliciously catchy glam punk ditties on board here, I don't know how the Biters are ever going to avoid burnin' out in the gutter like a bunch of high school dropouts. This is some magic marker mayhem, man, part Cheap Trick power pop, part New York Dolls lipstick rock, and all jukebox jive. If the Biters aren't the biggest band in the world real soon, we're all doomed.
Venue Information:
3108 Locust St.
St. Louis, MO, 63103